7/21/14 Finally we have Red's first calves on the ground. 7 healthy calves 2 bulls and 5 heifers. 2 are sold and 4 possibly 5 will be retained.
6/27/13   Pretty Boys last calf crop has come and gone. We literally didn't even have a chance to show them off. Thank the good Lord for blessing us. We have kept Jubilee's blue bull calf as a possible future sire.

6/26/13  We should have Red's first calves on the ground by September...check with us soon!

9/2012 We have just added sub 44" daughters of SITTIN BULLTOP CALIBER and the grulla master Overlord's Quick Justice!


~The Circle R~
Taking the  iconic Texas  Longhorn to a whole nother level...literally!

Located in Boerne, Texas just outside of San Antonio. For more information email or call (830) 443-4117

Home of CR'S RED MAN!!! 
              He stands under 40"  (measured 9-1-12) to the top of the back! Horns are 45" TTT! Born 7-10-08 we feel his horns are all thats left to grow, and as you can see they are already pretty stout. Floyd was tough to let go but this guy certianly helps ease the pain! He will immediately be introduced to our Foundation Females....for info: (830) 443-4117            


The Circle R Mini's

The Mini Longhorn-
With the ever growing population and resulting continuous urban development, livestock breeders of all types are finding ways to both meet evolving demands and maximize efficiencies
 This has resulted in some unique breed lines, everything from miniature llamas to miniature cattle, even miniature herding dogs. Miniature cattle are being introduced across almost all the equine breeds. Whats ironic is that the original true Longhorn cattle back in the "old west" were closer in appearance to the new miniature lines and not the new standard sizes most of us are used to seeing. Over the past 80 years farmers bred cattle to be bigger and bigger resulting in monstrous 2,000 pound animals. The belief was that the bigger the cow the more it could produce i.e. meat, power, milk, etc.... simple right? Sure, except the land and $  needed to support a single animal grew monumentally. So again, the "new mini cattle breeds" are actually closer to what we originally had roaming the plains.

The Circle R has what we feel is one the the best foundations possible. Our plan is simple: find the smallest and best bloodline longhorns in the world for horn, temproment and color... enjoy taking our sweet time and slowly breed them down! We had a spectacular first sire in Pretty Boy Floyd followed now by Red Man who is likely the best Mini Bull in the country, champion horn genitcs with all of our cows and heifers and some of the smallest size and best conformation. Our program is designed to create the smallest biggest horned Minis in the world! While the true results of this revolutionary program can only be detirmined by the good Lord we feel we have the perfect foundation to increase our odds of success. Due to the work of many, the Mini Longhorns now have a registered class of their own through the TLBAA. While the paramiters of the rules and regs are still very much a work in progress, there are qualifications on pedegree as well as size. A Mini Longhorn should be pure bred, under 45" over the "hooks" and well proportioned (horn:height). In our opinion the perfect 3 yr old Mini Longhorn should be under 40" over the hooks and have horns larger than 40" wide! 

Mini Longhorns will eat more than 1/2 less, therefore requiring a lot less land and will suit many seeking to appease the Tax assesors for the ag. exemptions. While Longhorn meat is some of the leanest beef on the planet these animals are definitely more for the farm or yard....the opitamy of the term "Yard Art". They have wonderful personalities and are absolutely beautiful, and lets face it they are not cheap...the average price for a pure bred mini longhorn is going to be $2,000 & up for a heifer and $1,500 & up  for a good bull..... These animals are meant to make a statement and that is exactly what they do!